We are equipped with modern machinery such as Lathe, Milling, Shaping, Tool Post Grinding, Radial Drilling, Welding (Gas, Are, Tig) with the gaining of 30 years experience and service of qualified administrative staff & skilled technicians, we could achieve our targets for the entire satisfaction of our valued customers and we are capable enough to produce any type of gear Wheels, Spur, Helical, Bevel Worm Using high carbon steel "DAIDO" with equivalent properties of sample wheel, to a maximum diameter of 18"(450mm)

  • 1- Lathe Machine
  • 2- Lath Machine (Small)
  • 3- Circus Grinding
  • 4- Vertical Milling Machine
  • 5- Shaping Machine
  • 6- Milling Machine
  • 7- Lathe Machine
  • 8- Radial Drill
  • 9- Welding
  • 11- Press Machine